Thursday, 8 December 2016

A Cairn for Our Conversation

"I urgently appeal for a new dialogue about how we are
shaping the future of our planet.  We need a conversation
which includes everyone, since the environmental challenge 
we are undergoing, and its human roots, concern and
affect us all."
                                        — Pope Francis, Laudato Si'

If you've read Laudato Si', and are now looking for a way to move from words to action, I encourage you to check out the new dialogue guide produced by the Jesuit Forum for Social Faith and Justice, and published by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops.  Available in English and en Français, this is an excellent resource designed for small group discussion.  It includes many stimulating reflections on Laudato Si', as well as stories, photos, and thoughtful questions for dialogue.

Consider joining, or even starting, a friendly conversation with some other homo sapiens about the concerns and challenges presented in this encyclical.  It's a deeply human act — and profoundly sacred, too.

                                                                            -- Sister Elizabeth Marie