Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Pottery Workshop with Tom Sproule

A number of us here at the monastery have joined together in the study, and practice, of a living tradition that stretches back some 30,000 years into the captivating Upper Paleolithic shadows of prehistory:  the entrancingly earthy fusion, and trans-cultural phenomenon, of pottery-making and ceramics.   

Helping us navigate this fascinating world of clay, in its contemporary Canadian manifestation, is master potter Tom Sproule, who conducted an awesome three-day pottery workshop for us recently.  Teaming-up with our own master potter-in-residence, Sister Mary Magdalen Coughlin, we were given a thoughtful introduction that gently honed our skills in throwing on the wheel.  It was a privilege to watch and learn from Tom.  We hope to have him back with us for another workshop, in due time. 

                                                                -- Sister Elizabeth Marie